Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Francesc Castells Piqué


Dr. Francesc Castells is an Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Chemical Engineering Department of the Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona, Spain. He founded in 1995 the Research Group AGA on Environmental Analysis and Management which he led until 2011. He graduated in 1970 as a Chemical Engineer at the Institut Químic de Sarriá (Barcelona) and obtained his doctorate in 1974 at the Institut du Génie Chimique in Toulouse, France. From February 1974 he worked as a production engineer in the company Industrias Químicas Asociadas in Tarragona, and since October 1976 he has worked as a university professor. He has been a pioneer in Spain in the discipline of Life Cycle Assessment having published since 1994 more than 60 peer-reviewed papers in this field. He is currently continuing research in the fields of Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), process environmental assessment, carbon footprint, and overall sustainability evaluation of products, processes and activities. He is collaborating with the SUSCAPE and TECNATOX research groups.

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